Our quality policy

Quality Policy

We provide our customers with economical and efficient ICT products and services. Our primary goal is a high level of customer satisfaction. The expectations of interested parties are taken into account at all times.

To enable us to achieve high profitability, our actions are characterised by an efficient and flexible approach. All persons belonging to our company are responsible for implementing and maintaining our common Quality and Information-Security Management System (QMS and ISMS).

The goal of the QMS is the achievement of stable relationships with customers and suppliers as well as the constant improvement of the quality standard. In this respect, we orientate ourselves towards the requirements of ISO 9001.

The goal of the ISMS is to protect information against internal and external threats, to support the continuation of business operations, to identify and minimise possible risks as well as to mitigate potential damage through security incidents to a large extent via the initiation of suitable measures. Interfaces must be described. Information can be available in diverse forms. This includes information and data processed both electronically as well as on paper.

The security goals are confidentiality, availability and integrity. The ISO/IEC 27001 standard serves as guideline for the company’s information-security management. Technical and organisational measures support the security goals.

Responsibility for goals mentioned above lies with the Management of Codelab company. The top management lays down the principles and guidelines for the Quality and InformationSecurity Management. It controls their implementation and compliance with all statutory and official requirements.